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vrijdag 2 november 2018

Internationals and expats

On the 21st of November municipal (council) elections will be held in several places in The Netherlands, including in Haarlemmermeer.

As an expat, you are eligible to vote in municipal elections, if:
– you are an EU-citizen;
– or you have been resident in The Netherlands for at least five years.

Your vote matters
If you live in Haarlemmermeer these elections give you the chance to be heard and shape the future of Haarlemmermeer. The municipality plays an important role in any decision relating to the place where you live and your neighborhood.

This is your chance to make a difference, not just for yourself and the time you are staying in Haarlemmermeer but also for all the people coming after you!

Learn more about the voting proces in Haarlemmermeer

Vote D66
As liberal democrats, thinking and acting internationally is in our blood. D66 believes that expats are a great addition and benefit to Haarlemmermeer socially and economically. In the last couple of years more expats have settled here as we offer adequate housing, good schools and an international elementary school, a good infrastructure and a lot of international companies. And of course Schiphol. In Haarlemmermeer you can find it all, and you are always close to Amsterdam or Haarlem.

But we also know that on a practical level facilities for expats can be improved. As D66 we aim to accomplish this.

D66 is committed to increasing the availability of mid-range priced housing and believes that expats are a group which should also be considered when making decisions regarding building projects.

On a practical level we know that finding housing and the right schooling for your children is not always easy. Learning about and being aware of things like the tax-system, healthcare and all the other laws and regulations that affect you isn’t always straightforward either. Our aim is to make your life as an expat easier where that is within our means or in areas where we can exert influence. We value your presence in Haarlemmermeer and your contribution to our community. Together there is a lot that we can accomplish over the coming years.

Your vote matters as it can affect your life while residing here and the life of other expats who might decide to make this city their (temporary) home in the future.